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Green Earth Computers quells technological uprisings with our on-site and drop-off computer and smartphone repair and training services for Windows, Linux, Apple, and android systems, specializing in software training, virus removal, data recovery, broken screen repairs, and more. Deposit an ailing personal Mac, PC, or Smartphone at Green Earth's Northampton location, and an expert techsmith will coax out any file-gobbling viruses or malevolent blue screens. Or invite a technician to your home or business for tea, browser cookies, and wireless-networking configuration.Green Earth also offers one-on-one computer training, helping technical tenderfoots understand the gentle whirs, hungry beeps, and testy wireless connections of their newborn contraptions.


Have you experienced data loss due to hardware failure, power surges, viruses or other unexpected errors? 

Data recovery is possible. Even on some of the most damaged drives, files can still be accessed.  


Want to avoid ever losing files?  Green Earth Computers can help you implement a variety of cost effective easy to manage backup solutions to protect your files!


Viruses can destroy a computer. Popups and advertising can make using your computer a painful and annoying experience.  Needless hours can be spent fighting with your computer trying to remove these sorts of infections. 


Green Earth Computers has the tools needed to repair viruses and spyware problems quickly and effectively without restoring your computer or erasing any of your files.


So, you have a computer, it’s setup, you have internet access and all your programs are installed. 


What now?  Need help learning how to most efficiently use your computer?  Want someone to walk you through how to use your software or connect and sync your devices?


Green Earth Computers can teach you how to get the most out of your new computer.


Whether your personal laptop just crashed or you need to configure a small business network, Green Earth Computers can help.


Our team of technical professionals can be at your service immediately. Drop off your ailing computer to us, or we'll come to you!


Is your computer feeling sluggish?  

Are you running out of space on your hard drive? 

Perhaps you are running an old version of Windows or Mac OS.


Never fear! Our technicians can make recommendations and install both hardware and software upgrades to improve your computing experience. 


Enjoy all the benefits of having a network but without all the restrictions and wires. We can install a wireless network in your home or business so that all your computers can be online, share files, and print from anywhere in the building.  We also make sure your network is secured, to protect or your data and prevent anyone from stealing your connection.


With technology getting more and more advanced, you need a reliable computer service partner you can trust. Green Earth Computers would be pleased to be your technology partner.


Need it fixed Right Now!?

When requested, emergency support can be completed within the same day in most cases. (Yes even on weekends!)


Does your phone have frustrating chips, scratches and cracks on the screen, or the devastating shattered glass? Whether it is a busted charging port or you simply want to make your phone look new again, Green Earth Computers can help. 


We offer the competitive prices and repair the widest selection of smartphones in Northampton, MA.


Need a problem fixed quickly?

Have a quick question or a small problem that you dont think requires a full house visit?


You can request a remote support session and we can fix your computer over the internet without you ever having to leave your home.

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