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You can find us every Monday through Friday in downtown Northampton between 10 and 6pm



Computer Repair Mobile Repair Vehicle



The days of waiting several weeks to have your computer repaired is over. In most cases we can have your computer back up and running within a matter of days not weeks.




We believe in diagnosing the problem righ the first time. We run complete diagnostics on your system to determine the exact problem and then address the issue. There is no fix-all for repairs, we make sure to address your computers specific needs quickly and accurately.




Don’t get ripped off by big name stores like Best Buy, save up to 70% when you have your computer repaired or serviced at Green Earth Computers.




We have found that by being accurate and honest, we are able to save you the most money. Many shops will simply look at your computer and fix the obvious issues –without running a full diagnostics on the rest of your system. This keeps the customer coming back for issues that could have been resolved before they started, ultimately making that shop more money. If we can save you money and frustration, we will.


With technology getting more and more advanced, you need a reliable computer service partner you can trust. Green Earth Computers would be honored to be your technology partner.

Green Earth Computers is proud to serve the pioneer valley, for over 9 years, providing expert affordable computer repairs, sales, and services. We service all PC and MAC desktop or laptop computers as well as phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

Why Green?

At Green Earth Computers we work to encourage a culture of repair, recycle, refurbish rather than disposal and replacement.


We offer a wide range of recycling services, and stock a variety of refurbished computers. Whenever possible our new electronics come in recycled/recyclable packaging that is as minimal as possible. 

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