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Please Take A Moment To Read What Other Customers Have To Say About Us

These guys were not only fast and helpful, they always kept in quick contact through email whenever there was a problem and are always willing to answer any questions! Service was incredibly affordable and these are not the kind of techies that will reformat your computer and give up. The best tech repair experience I've had, and now my laptop that was once dead has a new hard drive with all my data on it!


5 Star Review --,-72.6328568,15z

Alessandro A-D

Amherst, MA

My experience with Green Earth Computers is one of integrity, caring, and excellent service. I highly recommend them. 

Glenn Brooks

Vibrant Living Radio

When the fan in my 6 year old laptop stopped working I was at a loss. I really didn't want to buy a new machine (having just spent $1300 on a car repair) but gosh - how can I live without Ravelry and Facebook and Google news?

The kid at Staples told me they'd have to send the laptop out and it would cost about $350, saw my shock and then lowered his voice saying "Green Earth Computers in Northampton can fix it cheaper and faster." The next day I went down to Croft Avenue and was impressed with professionalism and helpfulness.

I am very pleased. I have a new fan and fan housing and everything seems to be running fine. I'm writing this because today's E-mail brought a follow-up note asking if the laptop was still running ok. Can you imagine -- they want to make sure they fixed my problem!!! OMG -- Guess they've made a fan for life.


5 Star Review --,-72.6328568,15z

Leslie S.

Easthampton, MA

Even though Green Earth has changed location, the people, and the high quality of services remain. 

I've bought several products from them, and they have always stood by with support and advice with each and every purchase. They are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They have expanded the service staff, but retain the personal attention that you've come to expect from them.

The new location is centrally located, and has a nice retail section with many common peripherals. (I picked up a wireless laser mouse on my last visit for a very competitive price.)

They do both residential and small business service work as well.


5 Star Review -

Easthampton, MA

I almost never write reviews of businesses, but I feel the need to write one now. I am absolutely thrilled with the service we received from Green Earth Computers. The charging port for our laptop has been broken for ages, and we assumed it was gping to cost a bundle to fix it. Calling around, most places quoted a very high price because they insisted on checking for a variety of other issues (even though we told them what the issue was). The staff at Green Earth were kind, explained everything they needed to do and any possibilities that may occur, texted and emailed me before ordering parts and beginning work, offered advice and suggestions, and ended up charging slightly less than the original estimate (and around $50-100 less than the quotes we were given by other shops). We are singing their praises, and would recommend them to anyone who needs computer work done. Thank you!


5 - Star Review

Erin S.

Chicopee, MA

I always bring my computer repairs here. Kiernan and his guys do incredible work and I never feel screwed by the price. I've had hardware and software problems solved by these guys in quick order and I have always been more than satisfied with the results.


5- Star Review

Charles M

Northampton, MA

For me, they've always proved very helpful, knowledgeable, and have done excellent work at reasonable rates. Highly recommended.


5-Star Review

Raj V.

Northampton, MA

When I found out that my Geek Squad guys at Best Buy in Hadley were gone, I went into a complete panic. They had done a great job with all my computer problems and I felt lost and especially anxious because my Dell case was cracked and I could hardly open up my computer. But...I got turned on to Green Earth Computers as an alternative and gosh was I pleased. From the moment I arrived at their shop on Crafts Ave. until a week later when my computer came back as good as new, I knew I had found a new home for all of my tech needs. Everyone at the shop was very knowledgeable (and super geeky, thank goodness) and treated me with so much respect. I now have a 'go to' place for when my computer needs help and this is a great relief!!


5 Star Review --,-72.6328568,15z

Sandy R.

Pelham, MA

My computer screen wouldn't turn on. At first it was only occasionally, but then it was most of the time.  When I brought it to Green Earth Computers, it started working again, but only til I brought it to a nearby cafe. So I brought it back again. Kiernan got the screen to turn on again. He patiently and creatively worked with it until he identified the problem. He made it easy for me to understand what was going on with it and gave me clear choices about my options. I really appreciated that Kiernan didn't push me into purchasing extra parts. I felt like the money I paid was fair and worthwhile. I was very happy to have my computer cooperating again so I could complete my school work.

Saera H.

Amherst, MA

Our hard drive crashed at work and we called Green Earth as well as other local and regional computer repair companies.    The man who answered the phone at Green Earth was well spoken and empathetic.  I appreciated that he understood the importance of point of sale system for a small retailer during the busy season.  Green Earth contacted their tech and he was at our store within 90 minutes.  (The other companies said it would at least 6 hours before they could send someone to look at our system.) Their rates were $25 less p/h than other companies, and they didn't charge a travel fee.  

After a thorough evaluation Ed from Green Earth had diagnosed the problem, assessed the damage, and came up with three options for us based on our time and budget constraints.   Greg from Green Earth took care of the actual install, and stayed three hours after Green Earth's closing time and an hour before they open in order to accommodate our retail hours.  Both Greg and Ed were professional, efficient, and all around extremely pleasant to work with, (especially considering a lot of the work was done in small spaces and often in the hubbub of a busy retail environment).

It took a few more visits to get our new drive and our old software and peripherals working but Green Earth had someone contacting us either in person or by phone daily.  It is reassuring that when I call the company I recognize the voice of the person who answers the phone.  Ed usually arrives within a 1-2 hours to fix our problem, and he even follows up with a phone call or a visit in person on the work that he performed.

It is a please to do business with Green Earth.  All their employee are knowledgeable, efficient, and professional.  They are very nice people who obviously enjoy the work that they do.  They solved all of our problems, have excellent customer service, and charge very competitive rates. I can not recommend Green Earth Computers highly enough.











Ed and Kiernan are efficient, knowledgeable, nice, and affordable. Oh, and timely. Oh, and honest. Oh, and they speak English (I can understand what they're saying about the machines in my office). Oh, they have commonsense, too.

Cathy A.

Amherst, MA

I am a dinosaur (68) whose computer skills(?) and knowledge often leads me astray!


Purchasing a laptop and setting it up was not my cup of tea , Kiernan visited and helped me out immeasurably 6 months ago!! My latest confrontation was with a virus, Kiernan again came to the rescue!!

James B.

Northampton, MA

Working with Ed was fast and easy. When you own a small business, your computer is essential and any small problem can turn into a disaster. Ed was available within 12 hours to completely fix the problems we were having and take precautions to ensure we would not have difficulty in the future. 


Green Earth Computers is our go-to IT help company and we recommend them to everyone!

Ann B.


Kiernan was very helpful when it came to having to have the entire keyboard replaced in my MacBook Pro. He took care of it in a timely fashion and for a very fair price. I highly recommend Kiernan and the folks at Green Earth Computers as the first place to go, to get honest and helpful service and assistance with your computer needs. Thanks Kiernan, Ted Schiff :-)

Ted Schiff

Hadley, MA

During one of the worst of the many snowstorms this winter, Ed ventured to the hills of Belchertown to rescue me. Apparently a gremlin had invaded my iMac and was preventing an important installation function. Also, in an attempt to tidy up my files, I had deleted my Quickbooks company. I was having a bad day.


Ed resolved my 2 crises and performed a few other smaller maintenance tasks. He offered great advice on several topics. He even diagnosed my television problem! (It's dead.)


Next Ed went above and beyond the call when he braved a very warm room in my mother's house next door. Through a fog of cat hair, he tweaked several things on my mother's laptop to make it more user friendly for an 85 year old.


I am thoroughly pleased with my experience with Green Earth Computers. Ed was quick, thorough, informative, patient, very knowledgeable, and efficient. The price was quite reasonable for the results. Should I find myself in a pickle again, I'll be calling Green Earth.

Becky M.

Belchertown, MA

These guys are the best I've encountered in computer tech help. Recently got new computers for my business through a local chain who also offered 'tech help' when they set them up. Bad move. Lost over 4000 emails in the transition and Quickbooks got messed up. Kiernan at Green Earth came to my office and in about an hour got everything back and all programs running. 

Great service, reasonable and prompt. I will definitely use them again.

Dave Hawkins - Urban Forestry Solutions

Pelham, MA

After experiencing problems with my Dell Computer's hard drive, I took it to Green Earth Computers.  They told me it would take a week to check it out, and a week later, to the day, they called me back and told me that the hard drive needed to be replaced, and that it would take another week.  They also told me how much it would cost.  Less than a week later, they called me back again and told me that they were able to fully recover the hard drive (there had been damage) and do the replacement.  They also did some other work on the computer and removed some unnecessary programs and the like from the drive.  I would definitely recommend them BUT, because they are so much in demand, have a back up computer to use in the meantime, or something else, because it will take a while to get your machine back.  But it is definitely worth the wait!

Ruth Ann O.

Mount Kisco, NY

Great service. They fixed my laptop and always responded immediately to any emails

Jenny B.

Ware, MA

I had a great experience! Comp was acting funky. Stopped by with it and they spent 20min with it patiently trying different things and kindly answering my 100 questions. At no charge they gave me all kinds of advise and even told me my best bet was to try Best Buy warranty first. Kind courteous, professional, knowledgeable.  Just good down to earth folk not out for a buck is what I experienced.


Todd W.

Northampton, MA

These guys are great! Friendly, knowledgeable, and they do excellent work. My only problem - and the reason I didn't give them 5 stars - was that it took longer for them to fix my laptop than they estimated it would. On the plus side, they called a Dell service tech to come out and replace my motherboard free of charge! I'm definitely keeping them as my go-to tech guys from now on.



Jean O.

Sunderland, MA

Kiernan and Ed are the best.  My computer fried itself and I didn't know who to turn to.

I had just got the "Yellow Book" and went down the listing, soooooo glad no one else I called answered.  They couldn't revive the computer but were able to  to pull off all my information from the hard drive, I am so grateful and relieved.  I'm using a loner from my daughter right now but I am going to go back to buy a refurbished one from Green Earth.


Beverly A.

South Hadley, MA

Quick service from a pleasant and very knowledgeable computer guy.

Deb F.

Takoma Park, MD

I echo what's already been said: Kiernan is honest and knowledgeable.  He presented the various options and associated costs to repair my corrupted hard drive (answering all my layman questions).  I left my old, broken computer to be recycled and carried home a re-furbished laptop that I have great confidence in.  He also offered support for restoring my backed up files and to try to pull files off the old hard drive, if needed. This is the second time I've come to Green Earth Computers.  Both great experiences.  It's a relief to have a place you trust to take care of computer problems expertly and for a reasonable price.

Rebecca B.

Petersham, MA

As an old dude who has trouble adapting to computer technology I really appreciated having Ed Drummond come out to my crib to access the condition of my old mainframe. In the end he took the tired beast away and returned two weeks later with a refurbished lap top(that I am using at this moment) complete with almost all of my files transferred, There may be a couple of things missing , probably due to the confusion of my old file set up. The great thing is that the company recycles, which means environmentally responsible and inexpensive. I endorse the company as honest, and my hope is that integrity will insure Green Earth's continued success.

Robert. A.

Conway, MA

Great place. My laptop is good as new and it didn't break the bank. Would highly recommend!

Kathy R.

Northampton, MA


Dropped off the computer and it was done by the end of the day. Fast service. Friendly and professional. Couldn't ask for much more.

Paul Sullivan

Five Stars. The people that work at Green Earth Computers are great! They are friendly and don't jerk you around or try to get you to buy/pay for things that you don't need. From the first phone call that I made they have been extremely helpful. I have only gone there to purchase used computer parts, however I imagine that the service is equally fantastic.

Jason M.

Amherst, MA

Thank you so much for your help, you saved me in the middle of a hard drive melt down. I will be back for service in the future. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Everyone in the valley should go to Green Earth Computers for there computer needs!

Jenny B.

Mt Holyoke College

Green Earth Computers saved my bacon when I had an imminent website launch, turned on my computer in the morning, and it wouldn't boot. I dropped off my machine mid-morning, a text arrived with a diagnosis in less than an hour. The tech was incredibly helpful in giving me a range of possible solutions so I could make the call w/r/t balancing speed, ease, and cost. After cloning my drive and rebuilding Windows, I was up and running again that same day. Phenomenal!

Bill T - Web Designer

Holyoke, MA

Very honest and authentic about what the best choices are for you. Doesn't try to convince you of more expensive choices, and lets you know when a cheap price is too cheap. Does the job quickly and well. I've gotten them to order parts for me and install them in my laptop. Gives good advice on everything technical. Extremely reliable. Best computer service company I've ever used.

Alex K-G

Amherst Business Improvement District

I work in Tech Support at a local area college.  We cannot do housecalls for our faculty/staff.  Green Earth Computers and Kirnan have been 100% spot on for referrals!  Thank you for providing reasonably prices and excellent technical support.

Aime D.

Mount Holyoke College - S. Hadley, MA

"Extremely helpful.  I was in Amherst on vacation and got hit with a virus problem.  He had my computer fixed the day I dropped it off.  He truly saved my neck.  Would use again in a heartbeat."

John M.

Alexandria, VA

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